What is included with an online Forklift Operator Certification?

Here at Liftoff Certifications, we get this question all the time: “I’m interested in taking the online OSHA Forklift Operator Certification course, but I don’t know what's included with an online certification. Can you help?” To help answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of everything that you should expect to get when you certify with any online provider.

How much does an OSHA Forklift Certification cost?

If you've done some Google searching, you'll see that there are several options when it comes to receiving your Forklift Operator Certification. You can go the online route, which is typically what most prospective and experienced operators will do. Alternatively, some employers do offer in-person classes, which usually consist of multi-day sessions. I always recommend searching for a course and certification that is...

What Are OSHA’s Requirements for Forklift Certifications?

OSHA, which stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a government agency tasked with establishing standards and regulations for the workforce and enforcing those regulations. Whether you're driving a forklift in a warehouse, or welding steel on the third floor of a new high rise, OSHA has standards that provide safety and training guidance for your position at the company.

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