Getting a Forklift Certification During a Recession

According to one recent report, there’s now a 98% chance that a global economic recession is on the horizon. The probability has only been this high twice before—in 2008 and 2020.

Despite how secure you might feel in your current career, numbers like these can shake anyone. Naturally, you want to do anything you can to secure your position and safeguard your future against any type of financial uncertainty.

As you navigate this volatile job market and prepare for what’s ahead, it’s important to look for areas of professional development that you can pursue. For some, this may include online forklift training.
In this post, we’re sharing how getting a forklift certification can benefit you during these trying times, and how to get started today.

What Happens During a Recession?

When we talk about a looming recession, what exactly do we mean? Put broadly, a recession is defined as a period of significant, sustained decline lasting for more than a few months. It goes beyond a specific sector, negatively affecting the broader economy as a whole.

In other words, it’s an economic downturn that impacts nearly every sector, not just one particular niche. While there’s not a clear-cut timeline to adhere to, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) explains that most recessions don’t officially begin until six to 18 months after their onset.

That means we could feel the recession long before the news outlets begin calling it by name. By preparing now, you can take proactive measures to be in the best position possible when it occurs.

How Does a Recession Impact the Job Market?

During a recession, most companies begin operating on a tighter budget. They do so to protect their accounts against total collapse if conditions worsen.

When this happens, one of the first places they cut is their payroll. The logic is that if they can cut back on the number of staff members they have to pay, the fewer expenses they will owe. As a result, the national unemployment rate tends to rise. As a job-seeker, this puts you squarely in the driver’s seat. In this kind of environment, there are usually two jobs available for every employee, and that swings the pendulum in your favor.

This is the time to go for those big-ticket jobs you’ve been eyeing, even if it’s at a more senior level than you’re used to. A labor shortage puts hiring departments in a bind, and they’re especially looking for employees with transferable skills that can be used in a variety of roles or occupations.

How Can I Create More Job Stability?

A recession—or even the threat of one—can leave you feeling pretty uncertain. You think your job is secure, but if you’ve never ridden this wave with your company before, you might wonder if your job could be in jeopardy.

Even if you’ve gone through something similar in the past, every recession brings its own unique set of concerns. If you’re searching for a new job, it can be especially unnerving.

By creating more stability in your job, you can help strengthen your confidence and fortify yourself in your career. One of the smartest and easiest ways to do so is to invest in industry-specific training and advanced certifications.

If you’re in the construction, manufacturing, or freight logistics sector, pursuing a forklift certification is one smart way to take a step forward. Let’s take a look at three of the most important ways it can help you in these unpredictable times.

Make Yourself More Versatile

When you’re certified to operate a forklift, you automatically become a more versatile and flexible employee. You’ll be able to expand your usability around the job site and work on a greater number of projects than you could before.

Whether you want to stay at your current company or apply to join a new team, versatility is one skill that’s always in high demand. Cross-training shows that you’re willing to accept new challenges and you can keep up with workplace changes. It also reveals your ability to set goals for yourself, work hard, and take on extra responsibilities as required.

All of these traits can help you generate job security and improve your competitive stance. An employee who’s willing to expand beyond their basic job function is capable, competent, and a valuable team player.

Increase Your Market Value

Successful recession planning requires more than a willingness to work hard. You might also need a plan in place to help you earn more money, both now and in the future. During a recession, the price of basic goods tends to inflate. You may have already noticed this incline at the gas pump or grocery store checkout line.

When times are tight, companies usually look for ways to reduce payroll-related expenses, not increase them. However, they’re usually inclined to pay more for an employee who’s able to take on multiple roles.

In this way, you can think of forklift training as going back to school and getting an advanced degree. As soon as you have that certificate in hand, you become more valuable to your company.

They know this, and they know that you’re also valuable to their competitors. In response, they may be willing to increase your salary to retain your talents. If not, you can look for higher-paying jobs from other companies within your industry.

Many employers already require forklift certifications to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. By adding this skill to your resume, you could become more marketable and profitable.

Show Your Drive and Commitment

Finally, a forklift certification serves as valuable proof of your professional and academic drive. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the stressors of everyday work, much less pursue advanced training opportunities.

Only employees with special initiative and ambition will take the extra step to learn how to operate a forklift, in addition to all the duties they’re already responsible for completing on the job.

If there’s a recession on the horizon, companies may worry that they won’t attract the right, qualified applicants. This is an effective way to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate your work ethic, and show them that you’re the employee they need.

Can a Forklift Certification Help My Job Search?

If you’re starting a job search at the beginning of a recession, a forklift certification can definitely give you a competitive edge. This one skill not only helps you diversify yourself from other applicants, but it could also empower you to ask for a higher starting salary.

Prospective employers will know that you take your career seriously, and your path toward upward mobility will be off to a great start. Plus, if you complete your training before you begin, you can get started right away! Then, once you’re on the job, knowing how to operate a forklift safely can help you prevent injuries and promote a safer workplace.

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