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OSHA Forklift Training & Online Certification

Satisfies Federal Law Requirement for Forklift Drivers In US and Canada.

Forklift Training & Certification



29 CFR 1910.178





  • Instant Certification Card Access

  • First Time & Experienced Drivers
  • All 7 Truck Classes & Pallet Jacks
  • Accepted United States & Canada

  • Valid for 3 Years

  • English & Spanish Included

  • OSHA, ANSI & CSA Standards
  • License Acceptance Guarantee

Advanced Online Training For Forklift Operation

Get OSHA certified as a Forklift Operator in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Get Signed Up

Register For Training

Sign up for our advanced online training.

Step 2 - Complete the online course

Complete Online Training & Exam

Start the course anytime from any device.

Print Your Certification

Immediate access to your license.

Testimonial Class 2

“I loved this course! Thanks so much for creating this. It was very helpful and will allow me to better provide for my family.”

Carl | Florida

Job Seeker & First Time Certifier

“The course ran through basic knowledge of forklift operations and safety. I now have more knowledge about forklift operations that will increase productivity and lessen forklift related accidents.”

Dewayne | Alaska

Forklift Operator

Testimonial - Class 1

Covers All Forklifts, Classes 1-7

Our comprehensive online training covers nearly 30 different Powered Industrial Trucks, including:

  • Counterbalance (Sit Down & Stand Up Forklifts)
  • Pallet Jacks & EPJs
  • Narrow Aisle & Reach Forklifts
  • Order Pickers
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Telehandlers (Telescopic Forklifts)
  • Moffett Forklifts
  • And Many More!
Forklift Classes 1 through 7 covered

Accepted In All 50 States & Canada

You will receive a Forklift Operator Certification that meets the OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards and is valid in all 50 states and all provinces and territories.

This license is meant for:

  • Anyone looking to apply for a job as a Forklift Operator
  • Operators who need to renew due to certification expiration
  • Employers needing to certify multiple employees.

A 5-Star Course. 100% Online.

Employers and their employees agree – Liftoff Certifications is the best way to complete OSHA required safety and training in order to safely operate a Forklift.

Accessible on all your devices

Mobile Friendly

Tablet Ready

Great on Desktop

mobile tablet and desktop access

 2024 OSHA, ANSI & CSA Standards

You will love certifying online with Liftoff Certifications thanks to our innovative online learning platform. Our OSHA compliant Forklift Operator Safety and Training Certification course includes:

  • 9 Sections covering 33 topics

  • Over 30 “Safety Tips” called out
  • Final Quiz with unlimited retakes

  • Follows OSHA (29 CFR § 1910.178), ANSI B56.1-2020 & CSA B335-15 Standards

Immediate Access To License

After you pass your Forklift Operator Safety and Training Final Exam, your new certification will be immediately available for download.

Each certification is valid for 3 years from the date you complete your final exam.

Forklift Operator Certification FAQ

Absolutely! The certification you receive from us is exactly what employers are looking for.

Make sure you update your resume after you complete the course to showcase your certification.

Yes! All of our training is provided to you in both English and Spanish.

When you sign up for the certification or recertification, you will automatically be enrolled in both the English and Spanish versions of the course.

Your progress will automatically be updated in both as you move through either course.

Yes! Our course teaches the same material as an in-person class, but for a fraction of the cost. And you don’t’ have to give up your entire day.

The certification you get from us will be the same as what you get from an in-person class.

After you complete our online course, your employer will provide hands-on training to you on the equipment you will be operating.

This is the case whether you are certifying for the first time or are renewing your certification.

Yes – the license you receive from us is valid in all 50 states and all Canadian provinces and territories. Our training meets the standards set by OSHA, ANSI, and CSA.

Yes – that way you can say you’ve received your certification already. When you do land that new job, they will evaluate you operating a forklift and then sign the back of your certification.
The Forklift Operator Certification course is meant for those who have never received a certification before.

The Forklift Operator Recertification is meant for those who have expired certifications or those who have been instructed to retake the course.

If you are unsure which to take, go ahead and sign up for the Certification.

After you pass, you will have immediate access to a downloadable certification, which can be printed right away

If your certification has expired or is about to pass the expiration date, you will be required to complete a renewal course.

To renew your expired forklift certification card for another 3 years, select the recertification course. Once you complete the course, your new card can be downloaded and printed immediately with your new expiration date.

To view all our Frequently Asked Questions, visit our Help page.

The OSHA, ANSI and CSA Certification Process

With Liftoff Certifications, getting certified online is straightforward and simple. Without going to a multi-day class, you can complete your entire certification online and take the first step in being an OSHA licensed operator.

First, Get Signed Up Through Liftoff

To sign up for a class, add the recertification or certification to your cart. Click here to sign up for the Forklift Operator Certification course, and click here for the Recertification.

Your class is 100% online, so you can get OSHA trained right from home.

Next, Complete The OSHA Course Online

After you purchase your course, you’ll be taken right into the class section overview. The easy to read text and large visuals make it the best experience for visual learners.

You will have completed your course once each section is marked as complete and each quiz has been passed.

Lastly, Print Out Your License and Practical Checklist

The certification you print after you complete the course will include everything that OSHA requires, including your name, issue date, expiration date, and a spot for your evaluator to sign.

This license is proof you have completed the required online training. Your current or future employer will then perform a hands-on training and evaluation on the equipment you’ll be operating using the Practical Evaluation Checklist we provide.

Low Cost to Certify

With Liftoff Certifications, you’re not just getting a course and quick access to a certification, you’re also getting it at one of the lowest prices in the industry. With our courses being exclusively online, savings from our low overhead are passed directly to you.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Your employer will accept your Forklift Operator Certification from Liftoff Certifications or we’ll give you your money back – it’s that simple. Our money back guarantee removes the stress of purchasing a Liftoff Certification course. All of our courses are backed by a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee, so purchase with confidence knowing we have your back.

Top Notch Customer Service

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have about the course. Once you purchase, with just one click you can open a direct chat with our dedicated service team. Have a question now? Click the chat icon in the bottom right and we’ll point you in the right direction

100% OSHA Compliant

OSHA relies on providers like Liftoff Certifications to provide high quality safety and training for Forklift Operators. All of our courses are built on the standards established by OSHA (29 CFR § 1910.178) and the Canadian Standards Association (B335-15 2020) and are constantly updated based on the latest guidelines.

Certification Course Content

Below is the course outline for the certification course. The recertification is a refresher of the certification course and is only meant for those previously certified as Forklift Operators.

  The “What” and “Why” of Forklift Certifications

   Quiz: Introduction to Forklifts

  About OSHA

  The Statistics Speak

  Forklifts vs. Automobiles

   Quiz: OSHA and Safety

  The 7 Classes

  Forklift Tires

  Forklifts Attachments

  Pallet Jacks

   Quiz: Forklift Classes and Attachments

  The Basics

  Safety and Features


  Instrument Panel


   Quiz: Forklift Components

  Center of Gravity

  Safety Triangle

  Load Positioning, Weight, and Shape

  Load Capacity

  Additional Safety Tips

  Tip Overs

   Quiz: Stability and Load Balancing

  Pre-Operation Checklist

  Operational Checklist

  Maintenance and Removal from Service

   Quiz: Pre-Operation Checklist




  Steering and Turning



   Quiz: Operating a Forklift

  Stacking and Unstacking

  Safe Handling

  Additional Loading/Unloading Situations

   Quiz: Load Handling

Internal Combustion Forklift Refueling

Battery Powered Forklift Recharging

Quiz: Refueling/Recharging

To pass the final exam, you must answer all five questions correctly. You may take the final exam as many times as necessary to pass.




29 CFR 1910.178